The Shop Magazine Polyurethane Article, Feb. 2020

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The Shop Magazine Polyurethane Article, Feb. 2020

Our hottest Polyurethane product for 2020 is our Chevy Camaro 2010-’15 Total Kit, available in red or black polyurethane. Its best features include it uses PROTHANE’s Pro-grade performance urethane and is a total chassis and suspension solution. The kit not only includes all the necessary suspension bushing replacement items, but also subframe mounts. This gives the vehicle a complete upgrade away from weak rubber, to prepare it for street performance applications and competition. Individual components are also sold separately.

The target customer base for Polyurethane products includes foreign and domestic car and truck owners looking to improve their vehicles’ operation in various degrees. We have more than 5,000 part numbers in our product line. The outside factor currently having the biggest effect on the Polyurethane market is the need for education about how the right performance polyurethane (or urethane, for short) component set greatly benefits vehicles in both dramatic and cost effective ways.

Here’s a tip shops can use to increase Polyurethane-related sales, to understand the products and be able to explain their features and benefits. We have a “MORE ABOUT OUR PRODUCTS” Section on our website that can help educate our customers!

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