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About Our Company

Dee Engineering has been a well-respected marketer in the automotive aftermarket since the early 1970’s. In 1991 the PROTHANE division of Dee Engineering was launched with less than 100 products. Since then, we have designed and produced over 5,000 kit part numbers and parts containing our performance urethane components. They are all made in USA! We are proud to say that our reputation for quality and service is second to none. We are internationally recognized as a leader in urethane product development for domestic and import vehicles.

About Our Products

We manufacturer a wide range of urethane products as replacements and upgrades for OEM (factory) Rubber bushings, mounts and parts. Urethane/Polyurethane is a term used to describe a family of elastomers (any compound exhibiting the characteristics of natural rubber; stretchy and elastic). Poly meaning “many” and “urethane” denotes the classification of the chemical structure. Polyurethane or Urethane for short is used as a solid cast material (bushings, mounts, mount inserts, etc.) that can be compounded as soft as a rubber band or as hard as a bowling ball. Each of our products is specially formed to exact specifications for resilience, performance and durability for the specific application.

Why PROTHANE Urethane?

Production vehicles are built using rubber bushings in control arms, strut arms, leaf springs, body mounts, motor mounts, transmission mounts, sway bars and shocks. Additionally, rubber components can be used for: sway bar end links, coil spring pads, leaf spring pads and suspension bump stops. While rubber components offer a soft side, for typical driving conditions, they tend to deteriorate rapidly from exposure to the elements and constant use! This contributes to premature component failure, resulting in a “spongy” ride and loss of performance handling. PROTHANE Urethane is impervious to the elements, gas and oil, and will not rot and is stronger that rubber.