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PROTHANE™ was launched in 1991 when it started offering superior performance urethane based products. At the time, we started with less than 100 part numbers. Using it’s special formulations, precise engineering methods and attention to customer’s needs has fueled our growth. Well the rest, as they say, is history and we now offer an extensive line of urethane based performance products for cars and trucks. Whether it’s an Asian or European import or American car or truck, PROTHANE™ has products for it!

How Are Urethane Colors Rated?
PROTHANE™ kits are stocked only in RED or BLACK urethane. (Hardness/Durometer Ratings Are Not Affected By The Color).

Does Urethane Squeak?
In a word, NO. Squeaking is caused by high frequency vibrations that can be heard rather than felt. It is usually caused by lack of lubrication, poor installation, incorrect part, or urethane that may be too hard for the application.

about prothane

PROTHANE™ R & D focuses on finding the weak and high stressed areas of your vehicles components where rubber bushings and mounts have become worn and damaged. Then we will take the OEM part and develop a high performance part.

We Design all our high performance components using SolidWorks a 3D CAD based program. This makes sure all our research and innovative designs will create the ultimate performance parts for your vehicles OEM replacements.

PROTHANE™ is proud to say all of our products machining and manufacturing processes are done in house in the USA. This allows for a full proof product from beginning to end.

Dealer List Link PROTHANE | 3560 Cadillac Ave. | Costa Mesa. CA 92626 | 1-888-Prothane (888-776-8426)