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< PROTHANE Catalog: On-Line or 2019 1/2 PDF

Our on-line “live web site” Catalog Listing Pages are our latest/current and best source of PROTHANE Product information!  We continually update and revise these product listings, as new products become available and new model applications are amended.  But, you can download a handy PROTHANE .PDF Catalog file by simply clicking at the “Download Our Catalog” link on all pages.  And, the PDF Catalog has icon links to our Social Media on the cover and back cover!

“PROTHANE Bushings Can Sharpen Your Vehicle’s Response for Under $300” >

While rubber bushings minimize noise and discomfort, they have the unfortunate side effect of diminishing the sporting potential of a vehicle. So often, an excited driver takes their newly purchased car to an autocross and experiences disappointing roll and delay between their inputs and their vehicle’s responses. Such an underwhelming experience is a lousy way to celebrate a new purchase.
Not only are OEM rubber components relatively soft to accommodate the typical car and truck buyer, they tend to deteriorate rapidly. This contributes to premature component failure, adverse suspension alignment changes, a spongy ride, and uninspiring performance on the track.
Fortunately, this sloppy, sedate behavior can be changed completely with a simple addition. By replacing the car’s rubber suspension bushings with stiffer performance urethane pieces that resist deflection, they enjoy sharpened response and more predictable behavior.   …”
Link- https://www.turnology.com/news/prothane-bushings-can-sharpen-your-vehicles-response-for-under-300/

< PROTHANE launches new 2020 ad campaign!

Look for our new 2020 ads in popular automotive publications, both on-line and printed.
The ads are designed to inform and educate targeted readers in specific enthusiast markets about the wide range of benefits of PROTHANE performance urethane automotive components.
Please go to the “Downloads/Advertising Samples” link to better view them!

The Shop Magazine Polyurethane Article, Feb. 2020 >

Our hottest Polyurethane product for 2020 is our Chevy Camaro 2010-’15 Total Kit, available in red or black polyurethane. Its best features include it uses PROTHANE’s Pro-grade performance urethane and is a total chassis and suspension solution. The kit not only includes all the necessary suspension bushing replacement items, but also subframe mounts. This gives the vehicle a complete upgrade away from weak rubber, to prepare it for street performance applications and competition. Individual components are also sold separately.

The target customer base for Polyurethane products includes foreign and domestic car and truck owners looking to improve their vehicles’ operation in various degrees. We have more than 5,000 part numbers in our product line. The outside factor currently having the biggest effect on the Polyurethane market is the need for education about how the right performance polyurethane (or urethane, for short) component set greatly benefits vehicles in both dramatic and cost effective ways.

Here’s a tip shops can use to increase Polyurethane-related sales, to understand the products and be able to explain their features and benefits. We have a “MORE ABOUT OUR PRODUCTS” Section on our website that can help educate our customers!

Ontario, California
Daniel Pradera, Marketing/General Manager

Chassis & Suspension Illustration With PROTHANE Components Call-Outs >

Here is a simple guide to locate PROTHANE performance urethane bushings and mounts on your vehicle!
Get PROTHANE Performance Urethane!
A RUNDOWN:  Control Arm Bushings- (for improved suspension alignment), Sway Bar Bushings & End Link Bushings- (for improved corner handling), Motor Mounts- (for improved torque control), Transmission Mounts- (for better durability), Body Mounts- (for a more sturdy chassis-to-body structure), Coil Spring Isolators- (for improved suspension durability).
And, there are more components PROTHANE offers, depending on your specific vehicle!
(Download Now- Our PDF Chassis Drawing With Call-Outs.)

< PROTHANE launches new print ad campaign!

Look for our new print ads, starting with Spring Issues, in popular automotive magazines.
The ads are designed to inform and educate targeted readers in specific enthusiast markets about the wide range of benefits of PROTHANE performance urethane automotive components.
Please go to the “Downloads” link to better view them!

PROTHANE Social Media Links >

Get the latest, fun and and informational PROTHANE postings!

Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/prothanemotioncontrol

Instagram- https://www.instagram.com/prothane_official/?hl=en

Twitter- https://twitter.com/ProthaneUSA

YouTube- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YdAqpeK5iS8&feature=youtu.be

< In the February 2019 issue of The SHOP magazine and on-line

Company name:  PROTHANE Products
Headquarters city/state: Costa Mesa, CA
Rick Sadler, Title: Vice President

” Our hottest Polyurethane suspension product for 2019 is… the kits geared for the early model (60’s-early 70’s) “Muscle Cars”.”
” Its best features include… the incorporation of groves to act as grease reservoirs to assist in the elimination of harmonics (squeaking). Also the fail safe interlocking method on our engine and transmission mounts that put to rest any possibility of a failure leading to a catastrophe.”
” The types of vehicles that benefit the most from Polyurethane upgrades are… limitless due to the nature of our kits being utilized a both a factory replacement or as a performance upgrade. This allows our kits to be used in all applications.”
” The biggest misconception concerning Polyurethane component upgrades is… That it will create squeaking or make the vehicle ride rough typically referred to as NVH (Noise, Vibration or Harshness). Our specially formulated polyurethane allows us to find a happy balance between responsiveness and harshness. Additionally, the purchase of individual kits allows the end user to custom tune to his/her preference.”
” An unexpected benefit for shops that offer Polyurethane upgrades is… That it is an inexpensive upgrade in performance above the stock rubber components that can be an easy “add on sale” to tire, wheel, shocks and alignment installation and services.”

The SHOP magazine, February 2019

< Grassroots Motorsports Magazine

Grassroots Motorsports Magazine builds a 2003 Nissan 350Z and selects PROTHANE Total Kit™ Suspension Bushings Part # 142007. This will be one of their front-line project cars for their 2018-2019 editorial cycle. Chevy’s LS-designated series of small-block V8s are the basis of today’s most popular engine swaps, and they have found the perfect recipient for their own home-built 5.7-liter LS1: We think this one can be turned into an exceedingly fast track car. Putting a LS engine in a Nissan is a little unusual but given a combo like this, this could be a game changer. Look for this editorial coming soon in Grassroots Motorsports Magazine.


PROTHANE offers a trick transmission mount insert kit for late model Mustangs. This kit is designed to utilize your stock trans mount and works better by taking out the slop in the factory mount. Made with hi-performing urethane. Urethane offers superior, stable performance and is impervious to oil and grease so it will not rot. Part #6-1616 or black #6-1616bl.

How to Replace the Rubber Body Bushings on a 1967 Chevelle >

by Nick Licata, Is now appearing on the HOT ROD Network http://www.hotrod.com/articles/replace-rubber-body-bushings-1967-chevelle/ …and Super Chevy NEWSLETTER. This is a great, step-by-step article on upgrading OEM rubber bushings with hi-performance PROTHANE Urethane!

< Coming soon…

Chrysler LX chassis, bullet style motor mounts. These are precision machined from billet aluminum and feature urethane insert. Fits 2012 – 2015 Challenger and Charger, 300c with 3.6L and 5.7L engines. Part #4-506 or black #4-506bl. These mounts are in final stages of design and testing… soon to be available.

PROTHANE Performance Sway Bar Bushings >

Performance Sway Bar Bushings… we have ‘em for all popular applications.

See page 10 of our downloadable pdf Catalog or the on-line “Universal Product Guide”, under “Downloads” for Universal and Greaseable Sway Bar Bushings in a wide selection of bracket and bar sizes.  And, don’t forget the PROTHANE Sway Bar End Links for a complete upgrade/improvement!
Link- https://www.instagram.com/p/B2Fc_tXnGMX/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link

< PROTHANE Urethane Shop Stuff

Shop Stuff… PROTHANE: all Urethane Vise Pads, Jack Stand Pads and Jack Lift Pads provide protection for your parts and your vehicle!
Made of medium softness urethane, they are designed not to slip when gripping or lifting your “projects”.  Please check out the complete line of Tools & Shop Accessories, on-line at-
“Shop Tools & Accessories”, under “Downloads”, then “Tool & Shop Accessories” or on page 70 of our latest handy pdf Catalog.

PROTHANE “Fail Safe” Motor & Transmission Mounts >

“Fail Safe” Motor & Transmission Mounts… Our built-in interlocking device will help prevent drivetrain breakage and get you home! PROTHANE’s mounts feature a built-in interlocking feature that keeps them from coming apart in the event of a catastrophic failure. Listings start on page 15 of our pdf Catalog and on our website under “Vehicle Applications”, then “Motor & Transmission Mount Charts”.

< Installing and Testing PROTHANE Motor Mounts on a 5.7L Hemi

By Chris Holley

Just published on-line, and soon to be in print in Mopar Muscle Magazine… an article on replacing EOM rubber Motor Mounts with high-performance PROTHANE urethane units. Click HERE to read the article.

Now appearing… >

The Original Parts Group is a leading marketer of parts and products for classic muscle cars. We are proud to have them as one of our distributors. Our ad is published in their current series of catalogs.

TOTAL KIT for ‘05-‘10 MOPAR® Cars >

PROTHANE offers this Total Bushing Kit for the ’05-’10 Chrysler 300, Dodge Challenger, Dodge Charger and Dodge Magnum. This kit replaces all OEM rubber parts with superior Urethane components. It is complete with sub-frame, front control arms, steering rack, front and rear sway bars, rear control arms, adjustment link, trailing arm and rear differential bushings. Factory rubber parts suffer from excessive play resulting in poor handling. OEM rubber tends to deteriorate and rot. The PROTHANE Total Kit features specially engineered bushings and components designed to provide improved handling and provides better performance. Urethane is impervious to oil and grease which outlast stock rubber bushings. Part #4-2010 or black #4-2010bl.


PROTHANE now offers performance urethane replacements bushings, for ’15-2018 Mustangs. These 32mm bushings are precision designed to fit stock Mustang front sway bar brackets and provide superior performance over spongy factory rubber components. Urethane is impervious to oil so it does not rot. A special lubricant provided assures quiet performance. Part #6-1172 or black #6-1172bl.  Link- https://www.instagram.com/p/B2Fc_tXnGMX/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link

PROTHANE Performance Transmission Mount For Chevy SS >

PROTHANE motor mounts for ‘14-‘17 SS Models. These urethane replacements provide a superior performance and durability over OEM rubber. Precision fit. These high-strength urethane motor mounts absorb the high torque and are impervious to oil and grease. Available in red urethane Part #7-1615 or black #7-1615bl.

< PROTHANE Performance Motor Mounts for Chevy SS

PROTHANE motor mounts for ‘14-‘17 SS Models. These urethane replacements provide a superior performance and durability over OEM rubber. Precision fit. These high-strength urethane motor mounts absorb the high torque and are impervious to oil and grease. Available in red urethane Part #7-527 and classic black #7-527bl.