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Why Use PROTHANE Urethane/Polyurethane?

Production vehicles are built using rubber bushings in control arms, strut arms, leaf springs, body mounts, motor mounts, transmission mounts, sway bars and shocks. Additionally, rubber components can be found being used on coil spring pads, leaf spring pads and suspension bump stops. Not only are rubber components on the soft side to accommodate the typical car and truck buyer, they tend to deteriorate rapidly. This contributes to premature component failure, a “spongy” ride and less than ideal performance handling. PROTHANE™ urethane can correct these conditions, while improving drivability.

What Is Urethane/Polyurethane?

Polyurethane is a term used to describe a wide ranging family of elastomers (any compound exhibiting the characteristics of natural rubber; stretchy and elastic). Poly meaning “many” and “urethane” the classification of the chemical structure. Polyurethane or urethane for short, is used as a solid cast material (bushings, mounts and mount inserts) and can be as soft as a rubber band or as hard as plastic.

Will I Lose Ride Quality?

The original rubber bushing or mount was fairly soft which helped to attenuate noise and vibration that is generated by the tires and road surface. Increasing the hardness of the bushing either with harder rubber, urethane or even bronze, will allow more transmission of noise and vibrations. Some manufacturers formulate the hardness and design to reduce this effect. A softer urethane bushing allows the vehicle to perform better without the harshness, even over rubber components of the same hardness. The only change in ride quality is increased performance!

Do I Need Special Tools To Install?

No. Installing urethane components requires no special tools. However, if unique tools and equipment are required due to the type of vehicle, you will need them in order to do the job properly.

How Are Urethanes Colors Rated?

PROTHANE™ kits are stocked only in RED or BLACK polyurethane. (RATINGS ARE NOT AFFECTED BY THE COLOR). NOTE: that all part numbers listed are for RED kits, if BLACK is desired, you must add the code -BL to the end of the part number.

Does PROTHANE Urethane Squeak?

In a word, NO. Squeaking is caused by high frequency vibrations that can be heard rather than felt. It is usually caused by lack of lubrication, poor installation, incorrect part, or urethane that may be too hard for the application. In sway bar mount applications, most squeaking is the result of not cleaning the bar thoroughly prior to installation and failing to use our “squeak proof” Super Grease! Additionally, all of our dynamic application bushings feature grooves or splines designed to hold our grease (Included) providing even greater performance.

Will I Need To Reuse My Metal Shells?

PROTHANE™ has a complete shell program for most popular applications. Many of our control arm bushing kits come complete with a new shell. On some applications you will need to reuse the metal shell, so be very very careful when removing it from the vehicle. The shells them- selves are not a replacement item. If you do damage a shell during the removal procedure, you have a few choices: Obtain a used piece from a repair shop or salvage yard or purchase a new shell with rubber bushings from your local parts store.

NOTE: We do not give out dimensions on our bushings.

(Limited Lifetime Warranty)

PROTHANE warrants its products against defects in workmanship and/or component(s) makeup for Lifetime when correctly used on: passenger cars and light-duty trucks, SUVs as of 4/1/2020. Any product that is installed on an incorrect vehicle according to the company’s catalog, altered, abused or installed incorrectly are not covered by this limited warranty. The product’s normal wear and finish are not covered by this limited warranty. PROTHANE, with authorization of its retail reseller, will replace defective portions of the kit set when returned in its original PROTHANE package if PROTHANE inspects and determines the part(s) are defective. For this warranty to apply, proof of purchase of the original reseller retail company must be supplied with the product return. This warranty covers the defective component(s) of the kit and is not liable concerning: vehicle damage, personal damage, labor claims, time loss or freight charges.
NOTE: Colors, materials, components, specifications, and prices are subject to change without prior notice. PROTHANE reserves the right to refer inquires established by PROTHANE’s resellers and retailers.